Everyone wants and needs a safe, comfortable place to live. Many home repairs can be completed in a do-it-yourself weekend project. But, there are some repairs that shouldn’t be a DIY project. One of the most dreaded home repairs is a damaged, leaky roof because finding and repairing a leak isn’t always easy.

Some of the obvious symptoms of a roof leak is discolored or sagging sheetrock, peeling paint, or an obvious drip. But, even a small unnoticed leak can cause damaged insulation, cause mold growth, and wood framing to rot. And a leak can travel and spread from the initial damaged area to a different part of your home.

Most roof leaks are caused by pretty common conditions that damage your roof.

  • Your roof never has a good day and Aging is inevitable. All roofing materials are subject to extreme weather conditions, like rain storms, freeze/thaw cycles , extreme temperatures, intense summer sun, which will eventually cause pre mature aging as well as cracking and curling of the shingles.
  • Brick chimneys seem sturdy, but the mortar holding the brick together and the other elements, like the flashing and chimney crown, can be easily damaged. Cracks, rust, and punctures can let water into the attic area.
  • Missing or damaged shingles can easily cause a leak. Usually, replacing individual shingles isn’t a big deal, but not taking the time to have it repaired can lead to more damaged shingles and more expensive repairs.
  • The Vents on your roof system have exposed fasteners , will sustain cracks, continue to weather and age over time.  This is a minor repair but often a common source of leaks because most vents won’t out live the life of the roof.
  • The plumbing boot slides over a pipe to protect the junction between the pipe and the roof. And like vents and flashing, the boot can be damaged and crack and sealant can fail. The repair isn’t unusually difficult, but damage can be easy to miss.
  • Holes, big and small, can result from storm damage, high wind, and hail. Some holes are really obvious, while others they can be there for years until an inspection uncovers them. Even tiny holes resulting from misplaced roofing nails, removal of an antenna or dish mounting bracket, or impact related cracks in roofing materials can let in water.
  • A complicated, intricate roofline may be very attractive, but it is also harder to waterproof. Each joint, valley, and slope must be properly sealed. Installing and maintaining additional leak barriers may be an extra (and sometimes expensive) cost.
  • Freeze and thaw cycles as well as Ice and snow are difficult for roofing materials to handle. Snow, as it accumulates, melts and refreezes, can cause water to seep into tiny cracks between and under shingles. Each time the water freezes, it expands and widens the crack. The additional weight of the snow and ice can also cause warping and sagging of flashing and the plywood substructure.
  • Gutters, if they aren’t cleaned and repaired regularly, can cause problems. Rain water can back up behind a blockage and seep under the shingles rotting the wood underneath.  Standing water can also damage older gutters.
  • Skylights present some of the same problems as chimneys and pipe vents. In addition to potential damage to the flashing, the rubber or vinyl seals around the skylights can dry out and crack, at this point the skylight needs to be replaced
  • Ventiliation issues can cause moisture to build up in your attic and this can present itself similar to a roof leak. Roofs must have adequate intake and exhaust ventilation to properly clear warm air and moisture from your attic space.  This can cause wood rot, mold and damaged insulation and has potential to be a very costly repair.

The best defense against roof leaks is proactively scheduling an annual roof inspection and fast action as soon as you think you may have roof damage. Maybe a new roof is in the future. But, repairing even a small, out-of-the-way drip needs to be a priority until then.

Having a reliable, dependable roof repair company that homeowners can count on is a priority, too. Sinay Roofing is committed professionalism and quality workmanship. If you are looking for a roof repair contractor please call us today at 304-276-4304